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About Us

We are a dance duo that focus on presenting Bhangra to a mainstream audience. Bhangra is an energetic and lively folk dance that originated in Punjab, India. Traditionally performed by farmers during the time of harvest, today Bhangra has reached a far wider audience and can be performed on any festive occasion. 


Together we have learnt and taught the art of Bhangra for many years. Our aim is to spread our love for Bhangra through our vibrant performances. We have performed at several corporate events, parties, weddings and festivals where our electrifying energy has left a lasting impression. Adorned in traditional Punjabi dress we bring the traditional touch to any occasion. Contact us today and liven up your event with traditional bhangra dancers!

In addition to performances, we have set up Manchester Bhangra Classes. We deliver classes open to the public to promote traditional Bhangra in the North West and to encourage physical health and wellbeing.


Hire Bhangra Dancers, Gidha Dancers or Dhol Drummers. Our services can be tailored to your needs. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch to discuss your requirements!



Classes open to the public



Follow us on Instagram (@thebhangraduet)

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